Artist Statement:

          Human sexuality and the multitude of ways we use our sexuality to negotiate our way through the world continue to draw my attention. As of late, my observations of the ongoing breakdown of gender binary identification as the norm has made me question the permeability of gender. What does it mean to be a man or a woman? How heavily do social constructs influence our masculine or feminine behaviors? Does our public persona mask our interior private self? Does this duality color our most primary relationship; the relationship with ourselves?     

             It is this questioning which moves me to probe into the broader themes of feminism, cultural stereotypes, gender roles and sexual power. I am interested in exploring objective and subjective realities, experienced in the visual language of painting and drawing. The human figure is the central focus of my art. I work from life and from my own photographs. These references become a vehicle to explore my ideas and experiences. It is my hope that my work will also invite introspection about the viewers own ideas and emotions surrounding these subjects.

Therese Conte Fine Art